Renesas, RX63N, YRDKRX63N

My first experience with the YRDKRX63N

This post is going to be about my first experience with the awesome new “YRDKRX63N” kit that I received recently from the Renesas electronics Singapore. This kit was sent to me as prize for the recently held¬† “Renesas RX Robot Challenge” on facebook.¬†
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Beagle Bone, DSP, fm scan,, IIR, rtl_fm, scipy numpy

Using FFT to scan for FM channels with RTL_SDR

Recently, my brother got selected for the “Beagle Bone radio challenge” road test by element14. As part of this challenge, the selected individuals had to build a working radio using the components provided by element 14. I’ve decided to help my brother a little with a feature called “scan”. This post is going to be how we got the “scan” feature to work. This feature scans the available FM channels.
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