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Controller update:Quick controller and support for the FRDM-K64F

While the controller lets you control all the GPIOs, DACs and ADCs available on your platform, you might not be interested in controlling all of them at the same time. To over come this, you can now use an option called “QuickCtl”. By using this option, you will be able to use condensed version of the controller app. Using this option allows you to pick the pins that you want to control.
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This one is still related to the my previous posts. This time around, I have added features that I had promised in my earlier posts. The usage of the software remains mainly unchanged. What has changed is the way in which the firmware is written. The firmware now uses polymorphism to make it easier to adapt the communication frame work to different hardware platforms (The selected hardware platform should support C++ as a programming language to use this approach). The current implementation makes use of polymorphism at two different places
(a) For the implementation of the communication channel (UART/serial protocol in our case)
(b) For  implementing the functions required for accessing the digital and analog peripherals
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Arduino controller – 2

This blog post is continuation of the previous post. I have made some changes to the software on the host side. Most important among them is that now you can a have a configuration file that describes what ports on the board are available. One more change is that, as opposed to earlier, now you can select the serial port directly from the GUI rather than specifying it within a configuration file.
Here is a sample configuration file (for Arduino Duemilanove):
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Arduino controller

This project is based on Arduino Platform.

This current project implements a software architecture which eases the Arduino related peripheral operations such as Analog out(pwm), digital read/write and analog read operations. The core of the project is implemented in “trans_layer.cpp”. The central object in this project is “TransLayer” which has following methods:
TransLayer ()(constructor)